ER 1.8.3 Changelog

As the title says, this thread will be used to post updates as they happen. I will just be updating the main post so that there aren’t 10 posts in a row with 2 things on them.

[Added Features]
–----------------- July 24, 2017 -------------------

  • Shift + Click is the same as dragging when selecting map tiles in the editor (useful for large tilesets)
  • Can’t warp a player who has the dev panel open
  • Can have favorite tilesets
    (Touch ups)

------------------- July 25, 2017 -------------------

  • Finished the map property owner protection

------------------- January 2, 2018 -------------------

  • Added client size and form state controls from the server
  • Changed the GUI to use the screen size instead of the form size
  • GUI now works with a stretched screen

[Fixed Bugs]
–----------------- July 25, 2017 -------------------

  • Fixed packet bug with owner protection
  • Fixed admin right click warping privilege

------------------- January 2, 2018 -------------------

  • Fixed a bug in the camera code (maps the same size as the screen would act weird)

I’m planning on focusing on adding some server options for the screen as well as adding map protection so other mappers don’t mess with your map.

~Development Team
~Mohenjo Daro

Great!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

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