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Animations are used for Spells, Events, Items, and Resources. First, let’s get the Animation Editor open. On ER it’s found by opening the dev panel and clicking the Animation tab.

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In AE, you will have to login to the Dev Suite, go into Editor Mode, and click the Animation Editor button.
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You should see a screen that looks similar to this:

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There are various options in the editor that change what the animation looks like.

  • Loop Count is how many times the animation plays for

  • Frame Count is how many frames are in the image (this can be found by opening the file and counting, or by trial and error in the editor).

  • Loop Times is how long the animation is on each frame for.

To speed up an animation, decrease the Loop Count or Loop Time. To slow it down, increase the Loop Count or Loop Time.

Remember the Frame Count will change per each image, not to speed up or slow down the animation.

There are also 2 layers you can use. Layer 0 is below the player and Layer 1 is above the player. You can mix and match different animations on the two layers to get some really cool effects.

IMPORTANT: Animation images should only have 1 row in the image.

Be sure to test the animation and change it until you get it how you want. You should now be ready to make some animations of your own, so give it a try.

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