Mohenjo Daro's Updater Tutorial: Setup

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

Your updater reminds me of those sketchy ass downloader programs you find on random sites

Thanks, Growl, glad you love it XD

Hrm, the source would be nice.
I’d like to customise the looks 😄

@kouga Originally I was going to release the source, but since it will contain a few things I’d rather not release, it will be closed source. However, I’m going to be making most things with it customizable with the config file.

By most things are changeable, I mean you will be able to change the locations, graphics, texts, fonts, etc… You will also be able to change the language (it uses a lot of code that EC uses).

You can still decompile the updater, but I’d just rather not give the code out directly.

Dang nice, I am downloading this now! Kudos

@tmoney The update hasn’t come out quite yet, I’m still working on it.

This post is deleted!
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