[POLL] Java Eclipse?

Hello Eclipse! The name is Sunku and I have been an on and off member of Eclipse for a long time. The first time I visited the site was back when EE and Eclipse Stable along with the whole old script system. I officially joined when EO 2.0 was released or around that time. I have watched time and time again as I see the idea of an Eclipse coded completely in Java and I feel like this is a great idea, but most people end up tossing the idea aside for one reason or another.

I have been practicing my programming skills over the years and feel confident in creating a whole engine, as I have prototypes sitting around on my computer. But the reason I come here with this information is I was wondering if you guys would like to see a Java ‘overhaul’ of Eclipse? I would use EO 2.0 as my base Eclipse feature wise, and work from there. I would be 100% dedicated to the engine and look into any thread I create for it for ideas and criticism. My vision for this, is to make it fairly noob friendly whether it’s for those that don’t know any programming or someone that wants to get a little dirty in the code so there would be a fair amount of code documentation and all that.

I appreciate all responses.

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I get that and I’ve been a part of testing it and I believe it’s gonna be amazing, but I still want to see if the community would accept a Java ‘overhaul’ of this engine.

Imo, the more options there are, the better it is for everyone. Don’t let the fact that I’m working on Atlas discourage you.

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@solidlink said in [POLL] Java Eclipse?:

We would definitely accept it if someone makes one 😄

I’m glad to hear! I’ll just wait to see others’ opinions while I start working more on it before closing this thread.

I would love to see java based engine

If you’d actually finish it, that’d be great. As you said, it has been discussed, and worked on several times before, but never got to a point where it was a working engine.

I say go for it, and see how it goes. Be prepared though, people will expect a lot from these things, and they’re very time consuming.

As the other’s have said: if you make it, it will be used. More options are never a bad thing, it means more reasons to come to this site and use an engine. Some people know Java better than VB6 or C# so a Java engine would be awesome.

Maybe its not from eclipse but if you are more familiar with java take a look at this:

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