Need a Developer For Engine

I need a Developer who can develop a game engine of pokemon need it to be a MMORPG

Features :
Weather System
Gym Battle
Hall of fame
Hexagon Stats for pokemon
Poke’ Nav
HM’s and TM’s
Battle system
1st Pokemon Follow
and all the other things which are included in latest pokemon games.

PM me your Price and Details.

Thank You

This post is deleted!

Hehe its ok i just need a developer if possible.

I am familiar with eclipse and vb6 for super long time.
And making a pokemon mmo myself I know how hard it is.
It took over a year to do it with some pauses.
Overall about 4 months of constant development.
Features itself are pretty easy to code but Database coding such as move special effects and battle related things take huge amount of time since you need to code almost every move etc.(If you use function codes its a lot easier.I saved a week of work doing so and its easily editable)
Also there are a lot of small things to work on. Plus removing all the non-pokemon features from the engine.
I doubt you will find a developer for this much features. If you do then expect price being higher than you expected.
At the end, its not about how hard it is to code the features, its about the time you put into coding those features.

Anyway good luck with your project 🙂

@coyote Thanks for your help 😄

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