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If anyone needs some VB6 work feel free to pm me
7+ years working with VB6 and 5+ years with eclipse origins engines.
I’m available to add custom systems.
Feel free to message me and tell me what you need.

If you need custom engines I have:
Pokemon Engine - Full 6 Generations , moves coded, various features.100% Completed - 500$

Dragon Ball Engine - Platformer, a lot of features, beam projectiles like kamehameha etc. - 100$
alt text


bumping bump … available for more work.



How much would I have to pay for you to convert AE’s event system with ERs? 😉

Selling dbz platformer!
new features :
3v3 5v5 Matches
Spreading projectiles


Also making custom features.
Pm me, answering only on PM’s.

Got free time.
PM me if you want custom features in your engine/game.

Also check out custom engines (Dbz and pokemon)


JC’s event system on Andur Engine? 😛

@solidlink said in Coyote's Shop - VB6:

JC’s event system on Andur Engine? 😛

@coyote said in Coyote's Shop - VB6:

Pm me, answering only on PM’s.

Bump bump

This retard scammed me, I got screenshots and everything. I managed to get something though, if you want his server/client of what he did give me I can send it to you for free. It’s just an older version of his Pokemon game.

This issue turned out to be a vb6 error and not something wrong with the source code


by reading that all I know is you are trying to give HIS work for free, which is VERY illegal! You either tell us “how” he scammed you instead of just insulting him and giving away his work for free! Plus, even if he “SCAMMED” you, giving away his work IS NOT ALLOWED!


Also, IT DOSEN’T MATTER IF IT’S AN OLDER VERSION OF HIS POKEMON GAME!!! If he was intending on selling that then that is what you get, at the end of the day, YOU still got the src.

It depends on if he was sold the rights to the code (aka when he bought the engine, was he given permission to do what he wanted with it). If he was given permission to do what he wanted then giving it away for free is fine.

I payed for the full version of the game. He scammed me which is illegal, so I’ll release his code. I got ss of everything if a mod wants to see.


Yea… and you got your src -_-

Now this is what I want to know,

1) Do you have the “rights” to release this
2) How did he exactly scam you?

and also releasing without answering these questions will result in punishments


Didn’t get what I payed for.
theres more places to release, not just here. punish all you want lol. i just want everyone to be aware of this retarded scumbag

@toyotasupra you do know doing what you’re claiming you’re gonna do is illegal though, right? He’s a programmer, what he was selling was programming, if he gave you source code, you got what you ordered.

@sunku he didnt give what he advertised. Source isnt complete. i paid for a complete source.

@toyotasupra yeah, if you don’t have proof of that, that doesn’t matter to the law. No need to feign innocence to me.

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