Coyote's Shop - VB6

@toyotasupra As Sunku said, that is your VB6 having issues, not the code (by the looks of it).

Those images would be more useful than saying there’s just you having profanities.

those images youre asking for are completely useless, i just tried to re-add with an explicit hello message. can you please help me set up vb6 on win7 x64

Okay, so I can see that you don’t have the SP6 components installed, try installing those and activate them by pressing CTRL +T and then select all the sp6 plugins. After that restart vb6 and then it should compile.

Also note, if the code dosen’t compile it’s not his fault, it’s vb6’s fault 😉

The problems were solved, Coyote’s engine was/is working, it was a vb6 error.

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