Software for editing Code.

Hey Guys,

Just wondered. What software do you guys use while editing engine code? Is it possible to use Visual Studio 2015?

What programming language is Eclipse Renewal using?



Eclipse Renewal is coded in Visual Basic 6. That is what you must use to edit most of the engines on this site. Visual Studio 15 will not work.

Since VB6 was only purchase software and you can not buy it now nobody here is able to provide you a copy legaly so you can search it over torrent etc. There are plenty of youtube videos about how you can install it and download it on newest windows.

Anyway is pretty similar to
There is also a portable version but I doubt you can edit things in it.Most probably not.
So if you really want it go check youtube or something.It should be pretty easy to.

Thanks for quick answers 😉

I’ve been using vb6 before and wondered if Renewal is still using it. Atlas seems to provide C# scripting, does it means it will be able to work with vs15?


This post is deleted!

Awesome! 🙂

Now I am not sure if I should wait months for Atlas or stick with Andur or Renewal? 😄

Hard choice xD

Zynato will be working on a vb6 - .NET or C# converter after Atlas. Atlas will be out hopefully near the end of the year

Great, thank you so much for information!

I guess topic is solved now 🙂

You could also check out


I have tired it out but it pop-out with errors.

I guess I will need to get VB6 just need to wait for bay to go up as its down atm.

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