UpVille - An Introduction

Hi guys! I am making an ORPG using Atlas called UpVille, here is what it is about:

UpVille will be an ORPG set in a modern city where you have one main goal; Progression to the top. (The reason for Up in the name)
To reach your goal of being rich, you will have to start from the bottom and climb the ranks by working hard. This game is also about survival, you must work for money not only to save yourself from the streets, but to survive. It is possible to starve to death and if you die of hunger, your stats will be lost.

Being homeless or living in the run-down area leaves you open to the risk of gang attacks, will you run or fight? Its your choice.

(Im not too good at writing these descriptions so i will improve this thread as i go along)

Planned Features:

  • Progressive rewards (Job promotion, etc)

  • Player Housing

  • Jobs

  • Vehicles

  • Everyday items to buy for yourself

  • Furniture for your home

  • Survival

  • Skills

(This will be updated, please be patient with me.)

This post is deleted!

Thanks 🙂

Sorry for lack of info, project isnt dead. Been busy with an exam season, probably wasn’t best to start a game on a graduation year XD.

Starting to look for a graphics designer soon!

I better be able to own a gas station and charge whatever I want for gas 😉

Should be fun to mug people in dark alleys

Lol daro, with some scripting it should be easy but its not a massive priority.

Alleys and gangs will be a thing though

Got all the tilesets I need!

With my college hours returning to 8:30-2:40 From 9-5 i can safely say i will have more time to work on UpVille. I Will not set any dates or a roadmap until 2018.
Its gonna be a difficult year though, i finish college in May and my schedule will be going through constant changes.

I will also be working on a small demo of UpVille on ER or AE to show what it will be like.

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