Eclipse Game Competition!

Hi guys! i have planned a competition for the eclipse community to create small ORPGs using any engine they like from this site.

It starts Monday the 28th of August and ends Monday 4th of September.

Anyone can vote and you may make any genre you want as long as it is online 24/7 from the end of the submission period to the 10th when voting ends!

Full info can be found here:


  • Game hosting

  • Featured on Eclipse Connect

Winner: SolidLink

This is gonna be fun 😄

Hopefully we have a good turn out 🙂

Not going to list the prizes on the thread? 😉

Oh yes! I’ll do that now on the competition page too.

Joined, so excited

Bump! Entry starts in just over an hour at 00:00 GMT (British time). From this time, you have exactly a week to complete, sort out hosting and submit you client files to the contest submission @

Good luck!

3.5 days left everyone! Keep working on your games 😄

Hey guys I submitted my game! To rate people’s game please visit

Voting opens Monday, current competitor’s are solid, daro and me.

Congrats to SolidLink for winning!

There was only 1 vote though 😕

@randoyes yayy!!!

DungeonJob is now a featured game (still needs a link 😛 )

It now has a link, but will stay in ad phase until I update EC to use direct links

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