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Eclipse Connect makes it easy for users to share their game and play user made games. Thank you for choosing Eclipse Connect to upload your game. To submit your game, follow the steps bellow

If you are looking to use EC to advertise then please skip down to step 2

Step 1: Setting up the updater thread.
For the most part, you just have to follow this tutorial

If you don’t want to read it all, you just make a new thread and add “Version: #.#.#: [DOWNLOAD](link url)” (without the " s) and change the # to the version number and “link url” to the download link.

Step 2: Setting up the config.txt
Make a new txt doc and name it your game or engine name. Base what you add off these configs

Step 3: Submitting your game/engine
You can either PM Mohenjo Daro or SolidLink the details of your game/engine, or you can use our google form

We suggest using the google form so that you don’t miss any needed information.