Cant connect to silver hosting server via client but can connect to others

I am having the issue where I try to connect to my server and it tells me the client or server is outdated. I followed the solutions from what others have posted about(full reinstall of runtimes and client), but I am still unable to connect. I am able to connect to a localhost and even the rise of the half blood servers. I am doing this through the Eclipse Origins Launcher and not through eoclient.exe .  Is there anyway to see if the server being hosted needs updating or maybe a magic button i’m not hitting?


is the server being started with launcher as well?

the localhost server is yes. I have no problem with that one. it’s when I try to connect to the silver one hosted here that it gives me the message. I checked the updates.ini that it downloads from the silver cloud one and it says “CurrentVersion=13”(can’t connect) while the localhost silver says “CurrentVersion=12”(can connect).

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