ANDUR ENGINE: Upcoming versions

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    This thread will keep you posted on the upcoming features. You can make suggestions for features, etc. Works just like ER’s thread.

    Upcoming Feature:

    Version 1.3.1(Update)


    • Simple Arena Map moral (You won’t be deemed a PK if you kill players on this map)
    • Whole GUI Redesigned - Dyamic GUI (Daro)
    • New editors
    • Tile preview


    • Map moral editor
    • Demo game
    • Duel system

    Suggestions will be added:

    • ranking

    Suggestions that might be added:

    • Housing
    • House layer

    Suggestions that will not be added:

    • Merchant system

  • Updated for 1.3.1

  • Feel free to suggest any features I should add.

  • Hey! You think there could be a help and support thread? I love you’re engine and I am having difficulties with simple stuff like picking up an item…

    Could you help me out?


  • @sinerau Alright Ill make the thread. Also to pick Items up, press the space button.

  • @solidlink ahah thanks!!! I really appreciate what you are doing with the engine and you’re activities are recent. I had Eclipse engines from the first ones and I’ve seen many engine troughout the years. Most of them we’re harder for me to use or were never updated and I’ve been looking for somebody who’s still thinking about those games. You seem to be active!

  • maybe add rank level, rank topkill, rank guild, rank top equip feature and more rank, just a suggestion.

  • Thanks, Ill add that to the suggestions

  • Hi,
    Sorry my bad english, im from Argentina and I’m in love with your engine. I bring some suggestions for you.

    House and Furnitures (Store furnis) system.

    A simple house map with attribute of house and owner, co-owner where you can buying some furnitures with a button. A house map like this video:

    Maybe with this system the players can make a house/castle for guilds members

    Thanks a lot for help us, and read my message, sorry my bad eng. I love you dude, keep it.

    Ninja edit: uhmmm, I have other suggestion more, a merchant system like this (Sure only if it is possible :P):

    so sexy

    Maybe with the visual effect of the table with the objects for sale, it would look great.

  • I know it was already suggested but a housing system would be incredible. ♥

  • Potency power system
    Basically it is a system where you have to spend money (coin of the game) to get points where you can spend them in attributes that you get in a system of random power which gives you attributes of strength, speed, life, etc. This would be random, can touch the best attributes or the worst (can be modifiable)

    Ex video:

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