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Rebirth Fantasy is a 2D ORPG where the setting is set similar to reincarnation anime/manga being released nowadays, where the main character will be transfer to a Fantasy World with magic, and he/she will join on a Guild as a Adventurer and complete missions/task to rank up
If you read those type of Fantasy Setting from Light Novel, Manga or watch them on Anime, You might like this game project

We started this project since February 2017
the progress is slow since the team consist of 3 People, that’s why we decided to recruit someone to help us on maps or graphics

Position Available

  • Mapper
  • Pixel Artist

How to Apply
Simply add me on Skype (hisherwin), or join our Discord Group ( )

  • Provide 3-4 Examples of your work
    (different theme or style if possible example: for maps, provide 1 forest, 1 village, 1 cave , etc … for pixel art, provide 1 monster, 1 item , 1 weapon , etc…)

Screenshot of the Game
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