Tile Size

Hi guys! So I really want to work with RMMV graphics. This means I need to increase my tile size to 48x48.

It’s clearly not just a case of updating the following code:

’ Tile size constants
Public Const PIC_X As Long = 48
Public Const PIC_Y As Long = 48

While this does update the tile size on the screen, it doesn’t update the size for the map editor, or the mouse position when hovering over characters. It also causes the sprite to be offset from the centre of the screen when map scrolling.

Please don’t tell me it’s a case of going through the entire code changing 32’s to 48’s etc. lol

Sadly, that is the case. Doesn’t matter what engine you’re using: the base engines only used PIC_X and PIC_Y part of the time and used 32 the rest.

That is, slightly annoying

Yeah, best bet is you go in there and find where it is relevant to your situation and then change it there, either to the variable or the number of choice

Possible solution to this.
Use CTRL + F inside client and search for 32 and replace it with 48. But before replacing it check if its not for item icons …

Off what Coyote said, you can also click the check box “Match Whole Word” (that might not be the exact name, but it’s close) in the search box. This will make sure you don’t search for numbers like 432 or 320 (not sure if those numbers are in the code but never hurts to narrow a search).

Tried that, but it’s not that simple. When it comes to auto-tiles it uses a series of different numbers to find parts of that tile. When you add 48x48 tiles you’re adding 16 pixels to each tile. With that said, when it comes to the code looking at say, 16 pixels, you know that’s half of 32, therefore you would change it to 24, as that is half of 48.

I did manage to get 48x48 working. I could place tiles, and the movement was fine. But then you have to look at things like directional blocks, cursor movement, targetting, attributes etc. etc.

There’s a lot more values to change to get it working than just 32, and that’s why I’ve decided not to bother.

The RMMV tiles are essentially just large, and updated versions of RMVX. I’ve reduced the size in photoshop and so far they still seem to hold a decent quality. However, I would have preferred 48x48 since I haven’t seen any Eclipse games with those tiles yet.

RMMV is a great choice of graphics to use because it has all the paperdoll graphics there for you. So anybody wanting character customisation with hairs, clothes etc. this is a great collection to use. Obviously, unless you’re converting to 48x48, you’ll have to go through each and every graphic and reduce the size.

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