[COMPLETED] Pokemon Earth Online

I’ve been developing this project for a long time.
Not gonna write much you have everything down below.
It is made with eclipse as a base. Full Pokemon game with custom features.
6 Generations… You can check it out at www.pokemonearth.online
alt text

Calling in to work
So… uhh… I think I’m going to be sick for the next 7 days. Sorry.

Can’t wait to dive in

Looks good, can’t wait to play it!

This post is deleted!

Wish downloading was faster :’)

This post is deleted!

Any gameplay videos?

There is a trailer/gameplay on the website.

Your hyperlink doesn’t work … found it from google though

Hope you don’t might, I changed the link in the OP to have the correct hyperlink.

Not a problem. Thanks!

Just played, Great game!

@randoyes Thanks!

got a little older files of this, pm me and I’ll send em for free. dont buy shit from this scamming retard

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

It depends on if he was sold the rights to the code (aka when he bought the engine, was he given permission to do what he wanted with it). If he was given permission to do what he wanted then giving it away for free is fine.

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