ER Reason for Lack of Updates

I’m sure some of you have noticed I haven’t updated ER is a bit, and the reason is pretty simple: I’m working on a few other projects.

Andur Engine - I’m helping SolidLink with Andur by removing the old GUI code with ER’s. ER’s GUI code was made for ease when adding or removing GUI elements and features. I’m trying to help Solid by giving his engine that ease as well. This will in turn improve Andur and help the community to use it.

Eclipse Connect - EC came out a little while ago and as the new game and engine manager for the site, it needs constant maintenance and improving. Lately I’m been working on bug fixes and deciding what direction I want to take it (programming language).

Program Updater - So a lot of people were having trouble with the program updater I made, so I’ve decended to redo it and improve it so it’s easier to use.

Program Restarter - I’m going to be adding support for multiple programs as well as getting a process’s file location without the user needing to locate it.

Eclipse Renewal - I’ve come to a few bumps in the rod with programming a couple features (namely server options) and have decided to put a few more important projects ahead of it (see above).

ER is not at all dead, but because of a few bumps and helping/working on some other projects, I haven’t had the time to update ER in a month or so. As soon as I finish with Andur’s GUI and EC’s bug fixes, I will resume work on ER.

thanks daro 😉

I like keeping the community in the loop of what’s going on 🙂

@mohenjo-daro Howd you do the spoiler 😮

@solidlink Ancient chinese secret 😉

There’s an eye you can click in your responses (Zyn found out he already implemented spoilers when I asked about them last night lol)

@mohenjo-daro I actually new spoilers were already
installed way before you guys cause I saw someone’s post had spoilers but dont know how 😞

Chinese secret ey?

UPDATE: I finished work on AE, so now I’ll be working on Eclipse Connect and the Updater to get the bugs out of them, and then a few changes on the program restarter. After that, ER will be my priority 🙂

. + 1 for daro

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