Overwatch Farm

Hello fellow Eclipsians, it is I, Sunku. The guy that passively creates things while mostly talkin it up in sb, yeah. Well I had an excellent idea since I find myself without anyone to play this particular game with.

Why not go to a forum I use a lot and ask people their BDN? (because consoles durr)

But yeah, I decided to start a thread where we can plant our PSN/GamerTag/BDN down so we can all grow (get it, farm) our friendslist with enough people that there will be someone on almost always when you are.

Anyway, yeah. Sorry for the annoying thread. I’ll start. I game on PC so:

BDN: Sunku#1852

This post is deleted!

@solidlink Yeah it is. I guess I should have clarified for some.

@solidlink You need the numbers and the preceding hashtag as well.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

Xbox: yngrandz1862

Steam: Randoyes

Discord: Randoyes#0932

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