Ruinic - Competitive Multiplayer Dungeon Crawle

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About the Game

Lore Summary
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The Jist
Ruinic is a competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler – CMDC for short. The objective of the game is to farm loot, hone your skills, discover ancient and forgotten secrets, and compete with other players via a comprehensive ranking system. In addition to this, Ruinic will feature a strong social elements, tied together by bosses, puzzles, and defense against vicious player killers, all of which will require players to team up in order to be the most effective. Ruinic also features randomly generated content, to keep you on your toes with something new to explore around every corner!

Gear and skills
Unlike most other dungeon crawlers and RPGs, your character will not be locked to any one class; rather, your characters skill will be determined through a combination of how much time they’ve put into utilizing that particular skill and the abilities of the gear they’re using. The skills in Ruinic will be centered around four different types of game play: Damage, Tanking, Healing, and Necromancy. All of these game play types will have to work in harmony in order for the players to survive the harsh environments in which they find themselves. Players may also create unique gear builds in order to hybrid between these roles and secure all the treasures of their adventures for themselves. The first three types of game play are pretty standard in most games, but the fourth is unique to Ruinic. More about these skills can be found below.

  • Damage - As should be obvious, the purpose of damage builds is to unleash as much destruction upon foes as possible. It is vital that enough damage is done in order to assure that the Tank is not overwhelmed and that the Necromancer is able to fulfill its role.
  • Tank The purpose of the tank is to concentrate the wrath of enemies upon itself and soak up as much of their damage as possible.
  • Healer The purpose of the healer is to, as simply put as possible, ensure that everyone stays alive
  • Necromancer The Necromancer plays an extremely important role. The purpose of Necromancy is to harvest the life force of dead foes and channel it into forms of energy usable by other roles. Without the Necromancer, the Tank, Damage, and Healing roles cannot effectively perform their jobs.

Dungeons, which will make up the majority of content within the world of Ruinic will be massive, sprawling, randomly generated labyrinths filled to the brim with monsters, traps, puzzles, and other players. Entrances to these dungeons will appear to the overworld occasionally, so players should always be on their toes to be the first ones to jump in, explore, and amass untold riches. After a set amount of time has passed, dungeons will begin to become unstable and collapse in on themselves. Players should then quickly evacuate, as a stray piece of ceiling, fire storm, or chasm in the ground could see that much of their acquired treasure is lost.

Player-versus-player interactions in Ruinic will be very similar to older hardcore ORPGs such as Tibia, where player killing can be extremely rewarding, but potentially disastrous should you decide to take a risk and slay your fellow explorers. Past a particular introductory level, which is yet to be determined, the initiation of a PVP battle will be unrestricted aside for some severe penalties for the initiating player. If you are successful in slaying your opponent, you will receive the treasures they have acquired in their backpack as well as some of the experience they gained while in the dungeon, but, if you are unsuccessful, there are some rather nasty consequences! Upon attacking another player in a dungeon, you will receive a red skull, which will last for a duration of time scalable to the difference between your level and the victims. This could range anywhere from 30 minutes for a player who is equal to or greater than your level, to an hour for players who are of a much lower level. If you die while skulled, you will not only lose all of the acquired items within your backpack, but also your equipped gear and the experience acquired from the dungeon you were skulled in, as well as every dungeon you visited after you received your skull. If you attempt to enter a hub city while still skulled, not only will you have guards to fend off who will have been warned of your treachery, but players will also be able to attack you without penalty, so it’s best to wait out the heat before trying to resurface!

Hub Citites
The hub cities are where players will congregate to interact, buy and sell their amassed loot, host clan events, and participate in various other social activities. Players will be able to set up their own custom stocked shops, where you can set your own prices and allow other players to swing by and see what you have up for grabs. More information will be released about hub cities as we move forward in development, but expect an update about the first city, Thelara, to be released very soon!

Keep track of development on our Discord and website!

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Looks interesting! Will definitely be waiting.

@sunku Thanks!

Updated thread with discord and website info!

Today’s update is an extremely technical, albeit important, one. LUA scripting has been implemented to the Ruinic game server!

This is very big, as it will drastically accelerate development time and allow me to begin implementing some of the more interesting game functionality. What you are looking at in the image below are the LUA script definitions for an in-game NPC, the Minotaur. These script files define not only the important data of the NPC (its name, image file, level, etc.) but also the behavior of that NPC. This will allow me to do all sorts of cool things, like defining custom behavior for super tough boss NPCs, or, say, scripting a special shopkeeper NPC for one of the city hubs.

Stay tuned for more updates and information early access and testing opportunities!

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Here’s some scripted dialogue in action!

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Awesome work! LUA scripting can be very beneficial - and it’s widely recognized, this is great!

Thumbs up for using Notepad++ and !



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