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PlayerRealms is a compiled engine focused towards non-programmers. It will include several tools for making changes to the game to ensure it is flexible and has the ability to be completely custom.
Before I touched on Visual Basic 6, I tried several game editing engines and while they were good, they all lacked that one common thing, and that was the ability to create your own custom interface, to set your game apart from the others.

The PlayerRealms database will use MySQL, which will allow players to display stats on their websites, and also adds the support for web-based login and character creation, user control panel, admin control panel and much more.

At this current time I haven’t decided on which engine I want to use, but I’m leaning towards my edited version of Skywyre v10 due it’s already amazing features, and I have already implemented 48x48 tiles which means higher quality and more detailed graphics.

I’m looking forward to expanding on the engine and providing a suitable and feature-rich engine for those without the skills of programming.

Stay tuned…

Not gonna lie, this sounds very promising. Can’t wait to see what you put out!

Suena perfecto. Me encantaria probarlo!. Lo espero con muchas ganas!.

Damn, looking forward to seeing progress.

Just added support for scripting. Now I’m adding support for MySQL database support.

This post is deleted!

New menu interface:

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Looking good so far, what kind of scripting are you supporting?

It’s just going to be VBScript. At least this way people can learn some basic VB and later on get into programming. But I’m hoping this engine will flexible enough so that they don’t have too 😛

This post is deleted!

I’ll be on to that next. I’m still unsure how I want to design it

The thing is , are you allowed to use Skywyre as a base? Mostly because as far as I can remember developer of it removed it from the forums.You should check.
Anyway, looking good so far.

Well, there’s nothing stopping anybody from releasing it. You can use it as a base, but Sky doesn’t want people to share the unmodified source as “SkyWyre” on the forums. Out of respect, that’s not what I would do. But there’s no reason I can’t use it as a base.

Then Its fine. Anyway, from what I’ve seen it looks cool and very well polished. Will keep my eye on this and see how it goes.

I’ve decided to remove all editing features from the game client and focus on an all-in-one application. The map editor will be separate though for obvious reasons. It will basically be a game client, with limited content. i.e. you will literally only be able to log in to edit maps, there will be no interaction, no chat box, and no other editing tools. There will be a default account and character that it will log into automatically. I may also have it so that other players can not see you or be blocked by you.

If you want multiple people to use it at the same time, I may code it that way so that there are say… 5 accounts, and it will just log you into an account that isn’t being used.

This is the easiest way I can see to do it at the moment, as I’ve tried ripping out the map editor before and making a new executable and it just didn’t work because there are so many little bits of code scattered around the engine and it takes ages to work through it.

So what if you want to place npcs or resources on a map? Are you able to have the map editor and the all in one editor open at the same time to look through which npc or resource you want to place?

The map editor already allows you to place resources and npcs etc that you have already added. I may even be able to make it so that the map editor is offline also.
You can run both pieces of software if you really want too, the map editor will have an option to reload resources if you added say, a new NPC.

Eclipse is the only game engine I’ve seen where it has built-in editors into the client, and being that most of these games are run off a home PC, it doesn’t make much sense to have them as it just slows the connection down if somebody is editing maps and resources, because it has to send all that information to the server each time they save. The server will have options to reload resources and maps, so you won’t have to restart the server every time.

I’m more wondering because a mapper may want to see the npc/resource stats and graphic before placing it.
Eg. Placing a “Dead Cherry Tree” on a dark/creepy map then finding out it was a bright pink tree with no leaves.

The map editor shows the picture…

Normally a developer knows what NPCs he wants on the map, you wouldn’t make a bunch of NPCs, then check the stats to see if you want to add them in a certain location, you would already know what NPC goes where, and then adjust it’s stats accordingly.

Even then, the map editor on SkyWyre doesn’t show the resource image, so you’d have to quit the map editor and go into the resource editor to check anyway…

You’re able to have both editors open at the same time in Skywyre last I knew.

And the map editor shows the picture after you place the resource/NPC and save the map. You normally want to know what it will look like before placing it.

And you only know what NPCs are what if you made the NPCs. If you’re working with a team then you probably won’t know what everything looks like and how it’s balanced without looking. You might have 5 different graphics for 1 NPC but each fits a different style map (a black bat for caved and red bad for dungeons. You don’t want to name then “Red Bat” and “Black Bat” because the users will see the name as well).

I’ve worked as a mapper on a few different team, knowing what I’m placing makes my job 5x easier instead of guessing which “Oak Tree” out of the 5 to choose from is the one I want.

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