Slow game maker

Helli,im not sure if i can post this here,if not,i really apolagise and please delete this post.
So im study the best engine to create my game,and im trying the ER and i like it,but the problem is,i open the server start the client ok,but the game goes really slow,like its unplayable really,my pc is not that bad ,runs games like gta4 ,why this happens? and the character walking is like is flying ,dont move the legs,i search on sprites and the sprites are ok with 4 sprites for each direction…
another think is anyone here can share some maps sprites with modern builds,like apartments modern houses,streets with cars ?
Thanks and sorry for my bad english
If im breaking some rule please delete and sorry

Try click Unlock CPS on the server. Also, what FPS are you getting on the client? Type either “/fps” or “/info” in the chat to see

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