Happy ThanksGiving Eclipse!

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Happy thanksgiving eclipse (tommorow for me) On this thread ya guys can write down what you are thankful for 🙂

Here I go:
I’m Thankful that Zyn has made Atlas (Something that eclipse needed for a long time)
Daro, he helped me a lot, he’s really helpful but also a great friend, I’m thankful I found this site. If I weren’t having problems in unity, I wouldn’t have been here.

And I’ve been forgotten again :’( as always


@deminizer We never forgot about you 😉 We still getting that nutella?


Do people even celebrate it? I dont lol

Thanksgiving in the US is in November


@mohenjo-daro …o sh**

@SolidLink You aint getting any Nutella -.-


Happy Thanksgiving on the US 😛

Yay, happy “eat too much” day 😄

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