EXP not updating

I’ve ran a test to figure out what side it’s happening on, it is indeed the Server side.

I’ve ran debugging tests on it, and it seems to be working right, so I thought maybe it was a graphical error? But, no because my level isn’t raising. It’s not shooting off any errors, just not sending EXP when the NPC dies.

Where and what should I look into, to fix an error like this? I’m out of ideas. If you have team viewer, I can show you my issue first hand rather than trying to explain it on here ( Not the best at that always ).


alt text

Agh… thought I was in Q&A Sorry for wrong spot 😞

In SetPlayerExp replace GetPlayerNextLevel with just exp.
It is setting exp to the next level needed or something not the exp you want to add when set it. If you have any expirience with vb6 you should’ve seen this.

Also in SetPlayerExp you are looking for a player that is max level and has exp higher than exp of the next level thats why it doesnt even have a chance to set exp actually. Simply fix is by adding else below if … then

This post is deleted!

@solidlink He’s using ER 1.7, but SetPlayerExp looked like this. The code shown is missing a line.

Sub SetPlayerExp(ByVal Index As Long, ByVal exp As Long)
    Player(Index).exp = exp
    If GetPlayerLevel(Index) = MAX_LEVELS And Player(Index).exp > GetPlayerNextLevel(Index) Then
        Player(Index).exp = GetPlayerNextLevel(Index)
    End If
End Sub

Thank Mahenjo! It was a line missing, I feel pretty dumb now but excited at the same time! 😄 now I can move forward!

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