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I like the idea of a religious adventure game. I personally am not religious, but it’s different, and I haven’t ever seen this idea been put into development on a Mirage-based game, ever.

However, one criticism I have, is mixing tilesets and graphics is never really appealing. If you can find a decent graphics pack, and add or modify parts to suit your religious theme, that would be more appealing to the player.

thank you for your feedback. I am not exactly sure what you mean by “mixing” tilesets and graphics as I am doing all of this according to a vision I have in my head and the way it looks is exactly the vision I have in my head. To me and all the “non 2D game players” I have showed these screenshots to, they are all in love with how it looks. The whole idea behind it looking like this is to move away from everyones idea of a “traditional” 2D game appearance and do something unique. I still appreciate the feedback.

What I’m saying, is that part of your tileset you’re using RPG Maker graphics, and then you’ve got a tree that’s blurred out, mountains that don’t match the other tiles. The graphics are very inconsistent.

It’s like Mozart writing half a piece of music and having Marilyn Manson finish it off.

This screenshot explains what I mean:

You have a house that looks completely out of place in regards to the rest of the graphics, and a bare naked tree surrounded by trees that have full green leaves. Unless there’s a story around why the tree is that way, it makes no sense. Having consistent graphics and consistent mapping is important.

And the mountains… Are they supposed to be mountains? If so… why is your character sprite almost half as tall as them?

This post is deleted!

I’m buying the high fantasy tilepack now, it does look super nice, just hope it has nice mountains for me to use

@xlithan I think I am starting to see what you mean, thanks for explaining everything. I was thinking it looked good until you explained everything the way you did. I am buying the high fantasy tilesets now and will redo it all, I just hope they have some nice mountains as i need mountains

i’ve bought a few tilesets from there, the ones I was using for Nightmist 2 are paid for, and they are absolutely incredible. Worth the money if you are serious about your game. If you need any mapping tips I don’t mind giving them. I may even write a tutorial on basic mapping. Here’s one of my maps (Yes I have a mounting system 😉 )

alt text

@xlithan that looks wonderful, i did just buy the tileset so am placing in my folders now while removing the old stuff. only thing is it has no real mountains only them flat topped hill things which in no way resemble actual mountains so am not sure what i am going to do about mountains because the isreal, jerusalem, judah area is filled with mountains. i’m gonna play around with this stuff and see if i can make something worthwhile.

Use parallax backgrounds from RPG Maker if you need too.
Mountains only ever look like that from a distance, when you’re physically on a mountain, it looks completely different to when you’re about a mile away from it.


This is a good example of using parallax backgrounds.

alt text

thats nice, I might have to give eclipse another try because intersect is being weird with panoramic backgrounds. the high fantasy pack i just bought comes with alot of backgrounds too and they are quite nice

It’s worth a shot. It’s a shame PlayerRealms is so far off from release, I think you could have made a really good game with it when it becomes available. It will be very flexible, and have the option for using 32x32 or 48x48 tiles with 4-8 directional movement. it’s also a much better engine than Eclipse with some very nice features. And no programming knowledge will be necessary unless you want to use the external scripting to change a few things 🙂

wow sounds good but i have to start building the game now, already been held back so much having to always start over switching from one engine to another and i have many people waiting patiently to play my game. let me know when it is ready as i would love to try it

Finding the right engine to use is half the battle. Rushing the game and using an engine which doesn’t quite suit your goals will only result in a poor game experience. PlayerRealms won’t be ready for another month, but it will be worth the wait.

As a side note, ER’s next update won’t be for a month or so. You may want to take that into account

very good points, i think for now i will make something basic using andur, I can always put out updates like any other game does

@xlithan if i am not mistaken, skywyre is not fullscreen. my game must be fullscreen

With source code you can do whatever you want. So if you wanted full screen, then add it 🙂

Things like this will be available in PlayerRealms if people want it. The idea of PlayerRealms is to build a universal engine that suits the needs of everybody, and the great thing about PlayerRealms features is the ability to turn them on or off if needed.

I had an idea to create a plugin system. You download PlayerRealms, which is the basic version of the engine, and there will be a system in place where people can use VBScript to make plugins, and release them to the community.

Put some random little flowers all over the grass area, make it look less bland. Otherwise good job

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