Starting the program!

I’ve installed the all the files but when I start up I get a screen that has a register and log in button ect. I can’t do anything from here because it says the server is down and to try connecting later, anyone have any tips on what to do from this point I’m brand new.

Did you start the server? If not, then open the server folder and start the server.exe (it might be named differently depending on what engine you’re using).

The server needs to be running when you use the client. If the server is on a different computer, you will have to port forward, and someone else will have to help you with that (I haven’t done it so I’m not much help port forwarding).

@mohenjo-daro thanks that makes sense! I’ll try it out 😁!

@mohenjo-daro I’m running the Eclipse Renewal 1.8.2 and in the server folder there is nothing I can run to start the server. Any idea what is going on?

This post is deleted!

There should be a file called “Eclipse Renewal Server.exe” and you want to run that. If it’s not there then your antivirus may have deleted it or something weird happened. Try redownloading the engine if it’s missing.

@mohenjo-daro Yeah! my antivirus deleted just the server.exe file, talk about confusing!

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