Basic VB edits


How to edit basic things like the name of the currency? when i change the caption of the GoldLabel with the text “0g” there is no change at all after i save and compile it.

When i want to change the icon of the Main frame, i get the error “invalid picture”, my desctop icon is 32x32 .ico file.


i don’t have vb6 on this computer , But as far as i know just search lblgold or what ever it is on the source edit , Then some icon can’t be read …

1. Can’t find any way to change currency name, i searched everywhere with the words “currency” and “gold”.

2. What is about the very limited space for Item names? i cant even name an item “stone of ultimate destruction”, because it is so limited.

3. Whats wrong with the “Change Sprite” thing in the character creation? It is just a label without any function.

4. Why are there Pictureboxes in the Option Picturebox around the Optionsboxes? Are they necessary? How to configure them to limit the placement of the optionsboxes like it is on default?

1. I just searched for gold (client-side, entire project) and was able to find the relevant code right away.

2. Change

Public Const NAME_LENGTH As Byte = 20

Then delete or convert all your files.

3. It has function. If multiple sprites are allowed in the classes.ini, it will change between those. To see what I mean, select a female Magician and then press “Change Sprite”.

4. Organization. No. I don’t understand the rest of the question.

thanks, what do you mean with “Delete files”. All files? Not only the items?

how to convert them, i do not want to delete everything!


thanks, what do you mean with “Delete files”. All files? Not only the items?

how to convert them, i do not want to delete everything!

Well, if you only want to delete the items, do the following client and server-side:


Private Type ItemRec
    Name As String * NAME_LENGTH

Change NAME_LENGTH to however long you want to allow the item names to be. So if I wanted a 40 character name length, I would change the above to:

Private Type ItemRec
    Name As String * 40

Do this both client and server-side, then compile and delete your items.

Okay and if i want to change it for everything.

1.How to do it?
2.what do you need to delete then, in my server folder i got for example item1.dat to item255.dat, do you need to delete all these files then?

3. I am translating the whole Engine to my native language, but i can’t find a few things:

-The yes and no button of  party invite
-The accept and decline button of trade
-party disbanded chat message

I can not find it with Search neither.

thanks in advance, awesome support!

  1. modTypes Itemrec npcRec and SpellRec
  2. Server side\data\items & spells and npc’s
    If you don’t feel like deleting then make a converter
  3. If you mean the text of the button’s they are actually pics. They can be found at client side\data files\graphics\gui\main

Thanks! And how to make a converter? Can someone do it for me or give me a link, i am not able to code a whole converter for myself

What a converter basically does is it takes old types from the old items and then save them along with the new types. There is a map converter here. Use it as a base and then make one. PM me if you want help.

1. Too complicated, i do not even know how to begin and so on!

It’s easy to understand. As long as you have some programming knowledge it is easy. It is good to learn how to make one.

Okay, i will at least give it a try.

How to change the Face which shows up on the Character Screen? I already got them implemented in the character creation with this tutorial:,73720.0.html

The face will change according automatically according to sprite number.

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