DBZ UW Engine

DBZ UW a complete project with all the resources for you to have your own dbz online, more mechanical battles, quests and all the security you need.

Contains: Source Client / Server
-All graphs presented
400 Maps Ready
150 Ready Items
50 completed quests
Exclusive Sprites with clothes paperdoll.
and much more.
Project Media:




Price: 50$ via paypal.

I miss the old days, when people like us made games for fun, and not for money…

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paying for talent, but to sell something that you can essentially get here for free is a little eh.

I kinda agree with Sunku especially the engines that are being sold are kinda old… but nonetheless still cool seeing some unique stuff 😄

Thanks guys for the opinions, if anyone has an interest, send me a message. ❤


I have a question, are there any demos we can test?

yes, I can prepare a case you are really interested in purchasing. Send me PM

This thing, looks kinda old, sorry to say that but i see many bad point on this :
-Not enough animation
-In spanish (put it in english please)
-Not enough information about the game (coding language ? what does the server looks like ? …)
-Maps are made by mixing rpg maker, and dbz buu fury tiles + sprite, better makes new ones by using the old ones.
-I watched the gameplay videos and the sound is kinda horrific, you hear everyone using kikohas in same time, better play it without sound.
-the mapping make no sense some times (like the kame house one)
-Weird thing on transformation : when you transform your HP MAX value incrase, which means you must heal after transforming, wtf lol …
-And it lack a lot of information about the gameplay, why do you say “in much more” ? when you sell something you must give reason to sell, using numbers “400 maps, 150 items” … how do they look ? i want to know what are these “much more” things.
-And a last point, the trunk transforming in ssj3 … i was like “WTF !!!”, i am sorry but using many aura animation fastly to make it cool, it could be cool if well done, but it’s just like showing random auras one by one, things like these are useless, just 1 is enough, some are too big and bad positionned (compared to the player position).

I would have more to say but i don’t know enough about this engine.
A game like this in 2006 i would be amazed, but come on ! we’re in 2017.
Sorry if being rude but i dislike things like these, looks like the post is made to sell the engine fastly and nothing more.


I’m sorry for the post I did on the run, soon but I bring more information, I guarantee you would change your opinion by testing a demo, thank you for the ❤

I’m sorry if there’s any mistake I do not speak English

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