I’m willing to sell this engine for 200$! The Engine includes a Launcher that is setup through DropBox or you can disable the Launcher. The Game has

like 100maps done, Quest Made, Max Level set to 110, a very own unqiue Encrpytion System Done for it, and it has 13 playable characters and players

like Goku has SSBlueGod already made and setup. Heres a Video of some of the things you can expect that it has in it.

I’m selling the Engine to anyone,

who ever buys can public the src or keep for there own! I’m moving towards a pokemon engine that im interested in. I will also keep working on the dbz

engine and got new things to come with it.

If you’re interested in buying just pm me and let me know asap!

Want more information regarding the game

just ask me…
it has kamehameha system, transformation system to 8 transformations, dragonball system, encryption system, launcher system, teleportation, scouter

system and unique combat system!


Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmIfF662m9k

Video Trailer URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttHtWOnuHiY

$200…? that’s a little high in my opinion.

I bought the Engine for 100$ and 150$ worth of work was invested into the Engine by my Development Staff and I. I’m willing to trade for a unique pokemon Engine as well. It has a lot to offer, and the systems in the entire engine is very unique.

My Forums has 181 people signed up as well.
Website URL: http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/


200$ for a bugged engine, cool !

LOL, no thanks; tons of people are willing to help for FREE in this community so technically we could obtain your features for FREE; greed won’t get you anywhere here.

@zombieunit said in [SELLING] DRAGONBALL Z ENGINE:

200$ for a bugged engine, cool !

and selling something based on DBZ. which isn’t legal

Engine was redone from developers, nothing in the engine is bugged due to development improvements, the engine is being released for 150$ with all features. If people r willing to work for free, then anyone wanna help me simply create a pokemon engine? Example Pokemon Earth Online… And yes it is very illegal to sell fan made content. It’s why I now will release the SRC for 150$ it has a lot of art work and etc that costed to get done.


Will SRC make any difference in terms of legalities?


Your engine is bugged as f… i seen it clearly, i am also making a dbz related game FOR FREE and i see a lot of things in your game, they don’t destroy the gameplay, but it affect it on a bad way so it’s a bug…
And i hope no one will work for you for free, because you give nothing for free and ask for free help?Are you serious ?
People like you who want to do games on a community for money are the worst, because game will be a pay to win or smth #EA .
And don’t tell me your selling tallent because your tallent made bugged things ._.

@zombieunit Have you played it or is it just a consclusion you’ve made by watching the video.
Don’t be so toxic. If a guy made his engine (Or even modified it) and wants to sell it, it is not on you to judge. If you are not interested then there is no point in making the engine look worse than it actually is.

If you are interested in engine then ask anything but making it look worse because of your own joy is not the way.

He is selling his work and what he owns. If you want do same thing for free do it no one is stopping you but atleast show some respect.


@Coyote that’s not how it works … this is the 3rd dbz engine i see in a month, show respect to him ?
When he don’t even show any respect ? Selling a bugged and illegal engin is acting like we are fools who would buy anything just because “it works a little and he put time on it”.
Just tired by these engines, if you want to sell one, make one who works and works well.
Looks like EA relasing a unfinished and bugged game.

You guys should calm down. Yes it’s a DBZ engine and it may be overpriced dosen’t mean it is bad. It could have something really cool. If anyone is interested, then definitely check this out!

This Engine being imported into .net soon, the Engine was debugged to perform the actions for importing it. If this engine was bugged we wouldn’t in hell import it… The Engine was Debugged from 8 Months Development, and improvements on the engine itself. This engine came from a different place of eclipse and etc. It was built in the same format " Sorta " but was made from a French Team then Translated Fully into Engine then I bought the Engine. It’s been increased massively with huge improvements, and major gameplay improvements. Engine Going for 100$ (" Donate To Release SRC Or To Keep For Yourself") no lower, I paid that for the engine, but all extra content and features are now consider free.

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