Character Customization

Hey guys,

Got everything up and running, and can access the server from the outside world - yay! I have a bunch of questions and features I want to add, but I figured working on one at a time would make more sense than blurting out everything I have questions on.

Ideally, I don’t want classes to be locked to a specific sprite. I’d like to have players able to create their own custom sprite. Is there a way to accomplish this at character creation?

In the same vein, I eventually would like equipped items to actually be visible on the sprite. Is this possible through Eclipse?

EDIT: I’m using Andur currently

If you have VB6 knowledge, all you need to do is open it up and start adding the feature. Now, you can indeed show equipped items on sprites via paperdolls, but it does add to your workload. In my opinion, I’d say make all the items and their paperdolls before working on a new feature. That’s however because my knowledge on VB6 is still minimal.

Is there a tutorial available on using paperdoll? I’ve just spent the past hour or so snagging the LPC assets from opengameart to play with. Seems like they should work.

Unfortunately it differs from engine to engine. With ER, you just have to line up the paperdoll to the character and select which paperdoll is used in the item editor. For AE, there’s centering if I recall and I don’t know how it all works.

About the players making their own character… You would have to provide a base spirit to work with (of course), but that’s the simple part. The complex part that you have to code would be to have the client send the image data to the server, have the server check that it’s the right file type (don’t just check the extension), and save it with a proper number/name.

I don’t know much about vb6 file sending, so I can’t help much. However, I would suggest just using the player’s name to save the file and recode the sprite code to work with that (I like moving away from the number names).

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