Youko - Rise of Zy'ir

Youko is a 2D MMORPG which is already 3 years in work. Youko was founded by Hichiro Okusuma(✝), and Kevin Kaymak at January 2012. This game was developed under Ruby and RPG Maker but due some technical issues with the developer language we had to shut down the servers and had to start again from new. Now the game runs with the Eclipse Origin Engine and exceeded our expectations.Now the game is again under development together with our Sponsor Youko runs on a powerful root server which allows to stay online 24/7.


Client download: Under Development. Alpha Client will get released on: no date yet

**Facebook: **

The Game

Currently we are working strong together with our community, to make this game playable. When the alpha Client is released, we are patching the game every 2 days to bring new content in which allows the player maximal play fun. The client will be in multiple languages. The game will take you to a magical world where you can play with your friends or other online players.


- Guilds
- PvP
- Boss Fights
- Quest’s
- Daily Quets’s
- Friends
- Dungeon’s
- Daily Event’s
- Special Items
- Pet’s
- Different Spell’s
- Map Event’s
- Random Event’s
- Monthly Event’s
- 3 playable characters per Account!
Talent/Mastery System
and much more!

If you want to join Youko now visit our Forum, and hopefully we see us ingame!

( ill try to update this thread with more information soon!)

This actually looks pretty nice. 😄 Hope to see more info soon!

Again, sorry if I sound like the party pooper, but…

The maps look terrible

The gameplay seems boring and common to the other eclipse games

The website doesn’t fit the game’s theme and graphics. [though I’ve seen that is being worked on]

The logo has a chibi Metin2 character in it.

Conclusion: Is there anything in there worth having 12k likes on facebook?

So far, I’m not impressed.

Yes you are right, actually those are old screenshots we are bringing a new patch today which gives the game a complete new look.

Short update to see the scalings

It would be cooler if you used custom characters, like the one at the top of the topic. But the game looks appealing.

Thread is updated, i hope you can make it to an active projekt again!

Thank you alot @[member=“Colonello”]

Currently working on a 1v1 Playersearch pvp System with PVP Points and Ranking

Updates soon.

Ranking System is finish.
Player can join the Monster Hunt event every Week. When the player Kills Elite Monster he will get Points. These Points divide by 1.5 * Elite Kills will get your Monster Points. The first 10 Players with the most Monster Points will get automaticlly a Reward on Sunday 3 P.M. Then the Ranking resets and it starts from new.

wow looks nice,

we have finished our own day and night system with also a graphical global message for server events.

More screenshots and information about Youko will come in a couple of days

I really like the look of the night time 😄


The Menu Runs now comeplty in DX8 with character Selection/Creation etc.

(we will add graphics /buttons later when we find a graphics designer for our project )

More Screenshots coming soon

Game looks nice, I’m quite fond of the custom systems you have added. Nice job!

Update: New Menu complete in DX8 with char creation and char selection:

Currently we are looking for more Ingame Content Creator. PM to me

I like the systems implemented into the game, makes it stand out from the rest. So far it looks interesting concept wise. I saw your Facebook page about the game and judging from the video, it looks really good and I can tell you spent some time coding on this game! So far so good, I’ll be watching for new updates and good luck on this project. 🙂


#Update, Thread got a rework with new screenshots.

My maps are here finally ❤

Looks amazing, If you need any help with any part drop me a message. One of the best original games going!

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