Hello,wanted to know in the future the updates will increase the capacity of the inventory,will it be possible to put on a character more than 4 things ?)
thanks for the reply.

In the current update, I’m focusing more on moving some options to the server (screen size and such) so that the codedoesn’t need to be changed. The update after I’m either going to focus on seemless mapping or dynamic file amounts (press a button, add a new map sort of thing).

I will see about adding hotbar, inventory, spell, etc. amounts to be changeable on the server. The only main issue that will come up from this is the GUI needing to be changed to work with the new number.

Summary: Yes, it’s planned but I have a few other things I want to add in first. I also need to change the GUI to be more like how I setup Andur’s GUI (in the coming update).

everything is clear,I will be looking forward to your updates)
your engine is super)))

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