Mohenjo Daro's Updater Tutorial: Setup Language

This tutorial will teach you how to setup the English.xml file for your game/program.

I recommend using Notepad++ to open and edit all the Updater’s XML files.

alt text

The English.xml file is located in \data\language\English.xml.

alt text

Link to the rest of the below code:

	<!-- Form -->
		<text>Eclipse Renewal Updater</text>
	<!-- Labels -->
		<text>Eclipse Renewal</text>
			<state id="UpToDate">
				<text>Your Version is Up to Date</text>
			<state id="NeedUpdate">
				<text>Your Version Needs an Update</text>
			<state id="PreparingDownload">
				<text>Preparing to Download Update</text>
			<state id="Downloading">
			<state id="Downloaded">
			<state id="GettingSize">
				<text>Determining File Size</text>
			<state id="Extracting">
				<text>Extracting Updates</text>

Most of the text in the language file won’t need to be change, but can be if so desired.

Each control node will have a <text> node and may have an <alignment> node. Some will have a <states> node but those are for select controls that change depending on the state of the Updater.

Setting up the language for your own game:

This is the text in the upper left corner of the program. For ER I have it set to
<text>Eclipse Renewal Updater</text>

This is the name of the program. For ER I have it set to
<text>Eclipse Renewal</text>

This is for the description of your game or program. For ER I have it set to
<text>Eclipse Renewal is an engine made in VB6 based off of Eclipse Origins 3.0. It's main purpose is to offer many optional features to help you make a unique game.</text>

The rest you shouldn’t need to change but can if so desired. If you are making a new language, then you will have to change every value in the <text> nodes.

You may see something like <state id="Launch"> in the file, do NOT change the value inside of the id=""

Examples of the language support:


alt text

alt text

desde ese archivo se puede volver el juego a español?

@bangaran No, that file only changes the updater program itself, not the game

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