ER 1.8.3 Release!

Eclipse Renewal 1.8.3 is ready for release! Sorry about the lengthy delay between updates, but there was a few things giving me trouble that I wanted to finish.

I’m not sure if maps will work from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3, they should, but again, I’m not sure. I added a few things to the map rec, so if your maps are crashing the server, you might want to delete them.

The main changes in this update:

  • New Admin Ranks: I changed some of the admin ranks and made a couple as well.
Admin Ranks Moderator Mapper Content Creator Developer Creator Owner
Teleport Y Y Y Y Y Y
Kick Y Y Y
Ban Y Y Y
Edit Map Y Y Y Y
Edit NPC Y Y Y Y
Edit Shop Y Y Y Y
Edit Item Y Y Y Y
Edit Spell Y Y Y Y
Edit Anim Y Y Y Y
Edit Res Y Y Y Y
Edit Quest Y Y Y Y
Edit Weather Y Y Y Y
Override Map Protection Y Y
Change sprite Y Y Y
Give level Y Y Y Y
Spawn Items Y Y Y Y
Change Access Y Y
  • Map protection: Map protection allows a dev to protect the map they just made from being edited by a different dev (if you have worked on a team, you know who I’m talking about lol). However, if you’re a mapper then a Creator and Owner can still change your map; if you’re a creator then the owner can edit it, and if you’re an owner then no one can edit it other than you.

  • Server Option for Client Size: You can now set the server size on the server. You can also change if the client is resizeable and if it will stretch the screen when resized.

Other than that, I’ve just been doing bug fixes. I do apologize for this update lacking stuff, I just have been working on other projects.

For the full changelog, head over to: HERE

Download ER 1.8.3: HERE

Download ER Updater: HERE

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how do i start making maps?

i am getting a different run time err this time it says the address is all ready in use

@kp420 You make maps but creating an account, going to the server and right clicking your name and making yourself the Owner, then switching to the client and pressing Insert on the keyboard (select the Development Panel).

See these tutorials here:

Address in Use means the server is already running.

it keeps saying run time err 10048 address all ready in use

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@solidlink said in ER 1.8.3 Release!:

That means another server is open! Close that server first and then you should be able to use ER’s server.

Actually it means that the port is bound from sth else its not 100% sure the it is from another server 😛

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