I have been a member of the touchofdeathforums (original eclipse EE) community. they had a forum that allowed me to show off work that i have made. I have made many of games started with EE marsh helped me so much back then. I decided to follow a path of creating. I have 10+ years of coding now. I know 2D is really not where it is anymore. But Marsh used to let me show my work, so is that still okay here? Will more than willing help with further development of this engine if my help is wanted. Can show eamples of games, also some are still online.

We don’t mind you showing work here. We’ve had unity projects shown off here in the past to give an example.

Most things are allowed if they’re a project for a game, to help with game development, or to show off other projects. Examples (in order): Realm of Faith, my program updater, and Eclipse Connect.

@mohenjo-daro thanks man been a long time since i have checked in on this site. I see it has came a long way.

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