As the title says, this thread will be used to post updates as they happen. I will just be updating the main post so that there aren’t 10 posts in a row with 2 things on them.

[Added Features]
–----------------- January 5, 2018 -------------------

  • Added dynamic shadows to NPCs (thank you to Solid for the idea and the render code. I improved it so AE and ER will use the same shadow code).

–----------------- January 22, 2018 -------------------

  • Added sub for getting all sub directories and files.

–----------------- January 23, 2018 -------------------

  • I have a rough draft of adding file names and categories to an array at the server load.
  • I have the rough draft of loading files working.
  • The file list now uses a class and collections.

–----------------- January 27, 2018 -------------------

  • I can now fill a collection with user defined types (this should speed the update up since I don’t have to rewrite all the types as well).
  • Fixed the file lists to use collections and UDTs instead of weird class collection mixes.

–----------------- January 28, 2018 -------------------

  • Clearing the collections should be working now

–----------------- May 3, 2018 -------------------

  • Handling new connections should be working (it’s working well enough, but I’ll be doing more tests later)

–----------------- May 4, 2018 -------------------

  • I have a working exampled of saving the data

–----------------- May 20, 2018 -------------------

  • Generic saving and loading data is working (in test project, not officially tested in ER)

–----------------- June 16, 2018 -------------------

  • Map Items, Npcs, Doors, and Resources have classes (holding collections) to keep track of

–----------------- June 20, 2018 -------------------

  • Added Resource progression/stages
  • Added Tool class
  • Added DoT and HoT classes

–----------------- July 19, 2018 -------------------

  • Added Resource removal from server (not client)
  • Added Buff/Debuff collection to NPCs
  • Added Buff/Debuff class
  • NPCs on map can now have their AI and Behavior changed (Eg. by a Buff)

[Fixed Bugs]

I’m planning on focusing on adding some server options for the screen as well as adding map protection so other mappers don’t mess with your map.

~Development Team
~Mohenjo Daro