Server startup error

error at server startup, what to do ?0_1515273286138_Screenshot_3.png

Try installing the runtimes (the link on the download page is down, but the link in my signature is up)

and where to throw ?

@teragor90 the runtimes file in an installer, just click next and install it.

Also, May I ask why you are on the core folder? You are supposed to use the launcher to make your project. That core folder exists so you don’t need to download Andur everytime you want to make a new project. I suggest leaving that folder alone and use the launcher.

in version 1.3 of your engine,I’ve included first the server then the client.
don’t understand how to use the launcher,it just copies the folder with the client and the server and still error 50003.
if you don’t mind explain how to start the engine thank you very much.

no change

Don’t really know what’s up tbh. AE uses that patch for vb6.

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