Solid and Mohenjo's Tutorial Index

Solidlink and Mohenjo Daro created a series of tutorials to help new users get started using Eclipse based engines.

This thread will act as an index to easily find the various tutorial threads.

Feel free to post any tutorial ideas that aren’t on this thread and we will see about making and adding them to the list.

Getting Started:

  1. Selecting an Engine

  2. Setting Up the Engine

Using the Editors:

  1. Map Editor

  2. NPC Editor

  3. Animation Editor

Making Public:

  1. Getting the Client Ready for Public

Using VB6:

  1. Intro to VB6


  • Controls

I updated all the tutorials in the thread to have a better layout, more pictures, and (hopefully) better wording and explanations.

I hope they are easier to read and understand 🙂

I recommend this to newcommers, SolidLink and MohenjoDaro have some nice tutorials.

hola muy bueno tu tutorial

quisiera hacerte una pregunta

tengo unos mapas de otra versión de eclipse muy muy antigua

podría usar esos mapas de esa versión en Eclipse Renewal?

o como puedo hacerlo para usarlos ya que estan tan avanzados

Just copying the maps won’t work, you do have to convert them. This can be an easy or difficult task depending on the differences between the versions. The idea of converting it is to loop through the files, load each into a variable, copy all used data to the new variable (and set anything missing to a default value), then save that new variable to a file.

If you have VB6 and know how to code it, I can send you a sample converter that should help you figure out how to convert it. I also plan to make a converter to the next version of ER when I finally finish it (no idea when that will be, been super busy with work for the past several months).

@Mohenjo-Daro entiendo lo q dices en teoría faltaría en la práctica XD si podría buscar el vb6 por Google! Si no me equivoco la versión es eclipse origins 2.0 o 3.0 por hay va

No estoy seguro porq estoy del teléfono y no de la pc

@Mohenjo-Daro si puedes enviarme el convertidor de muestra para probarlo sería genial

@bangaran I sent you a PM with the links (I didn’t see the PM you sent until just now, the site’s alerts aren’t always the best)

ya descargue todo lo necesario!! ese que me pasaste por ahora solo convierte los npc??
tendria que modificarlo para los mapas ??

@bangaran Yes, you will have to modify it to use it. I want to say converting maps is a bit more difficult than converting NPCs, but the idea is the same.

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