Released: Andur Engine 2.1

Andur Engine 2.1 will bring fixes to the bugs that were in 2.0 plus bringing in more new features that will help shape your game a lot better!

Better NPC AI:

  • NPCs attack position
  • Friendly and Shopkeepers now move and will defend you from nearby enemies (you can set them as neutral if you’d like)
  • Better NPC target, now Enemies can target you or an NPC a lot quickly than the last version where they would just stay still or not attack until they’d want to.
  • NPC flee system, you can set the % chance of NPCs fleeing
    alt text
    alt text

Dynamic Shadows:

  • Dynamic shadow feature
  • Shadow options in the project editor

Me and Daro created dynamic shadows which reflects the actual character rather than use a shadow texture. Thanks to @Mohenjo-Daro for improving the shadow code

alt text
alt text

Small Changes:

  • Added shortcuts for different dev functions
  • Removed the admin tab from the editor and put it on the screen separately so moderators can access it.
  • Admin menu is now toggled
  • Added an event scrollbar on the map properties (Not functional yet) This would be used to have an event which would activate on map entry.
  • Item editor and NPC editor tweaked


  • Inventory full bug (would give you a message saying your inventory was full even though it wasn’t when equipping an item)

  • Player frames not changing when editing the frame option from the Project editor

  • NPCs not attacking other npcs or players

  • NPCs with attack on sight behavior attacks admin

  • Replaced old shadow code with dynamic shadows, the old shadow was unaligned and required source edits.

Note: Andur Engine 2.0 was supposed to come with Scripting but it was delayed to later updates. This version will not come with scripting. I’m still taking a look at the system and finding subs which can be scripted and better ways of doing it 🙂

Added small changes on the changelog.

AE Version 2.1 has been released!

Get the new update by opening AE updater and download the update. the update should be pretty small so download should be quick! This update fixes all the most known bugs and adds more!

new bug the new update erased my admin char and now crashes the server when i try to make another

Yep, there is a bug with account. He’ll fix it tomorrow.

I removed the new version from the version history so you can stay on the previous update.

Fixed the update

AE 2.1 should be available with the AndurEngine Updater.

So there was some problems and the updater did not properly update 2.1. I released a new hotfix which should include the new compiled clients and server with the friendly npc and shadow fix and also included the config file for the client so it should now work without further setup. Enjoy 🙂 I have tested the update before releasing it, and it successfully worked. If you have any problems please report it to Andur Engine’s Bug section:

Released update 2.1.2. This will fix the npc movement XD
Again If you have any problems please report it to Andur Engine’s Bug section:

2.1.3 should fix sounds!

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