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Hi at all! I’m going to create an mmorpg based on pokèmon mystery dungeon but i have a problem… i’m not a scripter and i dont know how to use vb6 for create scripts…
I’m searching for a script that allows my players change sprite when reached level 16 and 36 like the originals pokemon (charmender/ lvl 16 charmelon/ 36 charizard). There is a script that allow me to do this ?? and there is also a script that allow my players change sprite using items ?? ( cleffa to clefairy with lunar stone? )
I’m italian so i have had problems to write this ahah Thanks.

There currently isn’t a way to do this, I have something like it planned for ER, but still not the same. You can use the Event system and have a copy of it on each map, but that’s not a very ideal/good solution.

i’have a code for this: in particular, i have used this code in a source colled: Elysium Italia that is similar to Eclipse Engine(it works on vb6) but i have a problem: i’m using windows 10, i’ve tried to install vb6 but it doesn’t work so i dunno how change code in the project: there is a way to bypass vb6 and use another programm?

Unfortunately, you have to use VB6, there aren’t any other programs that work.

I’ve never had an issues installing VB6 on windows 10. I know you have to uncheck the Data Access box when installing, but that’s about all I had to do.

You can follow this guide to install VB6 on Windows 10:

i have a version of vb6 that doesn’t have two CDs: i have all in one folder, i don’t know how to follow this guide!

My VB6 setup files are also in one folder. Try this one instead:
Make sure you follow the MSJAVA instructions and it should work.

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