I need a team for zombie x royale

Hey guys, I have an upcoming project I’m working on called zombie X Royale. I’m a story line producer by default, yet I have experience in a little bit of everything aspect of game design. However with not having all the aspects of game creation down I’m not wanting to jump in head first by myself. If anyone is interested let me know. Would love to see your portfolios, and share details about the game to see if you like the concept!! As of right now the main goal is to get a teaser video/ demo out and then get a Kickstarter online to raise funds for us all to get this game live as quickly as possible!!
Zombie x graphic

So is this going to be like Pubg but like the last team to survive the zombies wins or?

More info would be nice: what engine are you using, 2D or 3D, what positions do you need, etc.

@mohenjo-daro thank you for letting me know I completely spaced it on that part. Yes it will be In 3D …preferred 3rd person view with the ability to change to 1st person depending on player preference. All positions are for the most part open. I have the producer, and manager positions filled, and I’m in the process of bringing on a talented game graphic artist that just graduated at full sail University. However it wouldn’t hurt to have another on the team to work with him on the different projects!

Yes similar to pub g however the whole set up has a twist. If your in the circle it’s the uninfected safe zone we’re pvp is prominent as is the ability to team up with enemy teams to reach the random selected bunker to create a cure, but you don’t have to if u wanna just kill them… Well that’s up to you. If your outside the circle the loot is better but so are the risks. Hordes of zombies as well as other players/ teams looking for loot and the cure. This game will have several elements including a tri- level interface we’re at a certain point the military orders a nuke strike on all infected zones now it’s a race to either get to the safe zone or die trying. After this there is a small story line and a few twists that will guarantee players will play again and again to cure zombie X!.. I would give alot more details but I’d rather discuss them all with the team members, rather than give all the ideas away and possibly have someone else run with the idea…

I hate not saying the whole plot line cause I’m so excited about this game lol…

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