map save error

so I finely gave up and deleted e.r 1.8 and reinstalled it, starting from scratch I tried to make a new map and save it,and got the same err runtime err 9 subscript out of range. now I did not mess with anything or move I file, could deleting the tut maps be the cause of this?

What link did you use to install ER 1.8 from? I want to download a fresh copy of it and see if it works for me or if there’s a bug.

from an update tread about update 1.8.3, it states click here for update.
ty for the quick reply

@kp420 I asked for a link to what you downloaded. I prefer being sure I downloaded the same thing that you downloaded. doesn’t have a download link anywhere on it. has 2 download links, so which did you download?

0_1516986603253_c29626ad-ecbc-4161-9963-35fdea6fde04-image.png this page scroll down to all vers i clicked it then it sent me to another one whicj was the 1.83 dl

All I’m asking for is the link you used to download ER. I don’t care how you got to the link, I care what the link was.

I downloaded which is what I think you downloaded, and had no problems starting the server.

If you want to make a new map, then open the map editor, there’s not reason to delete a map file.

update and close topic: i dl the updater which fixed the save map bug just tested it and now it saves just fine, ty for your guys help with a very newbie person

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