Hi everyone,

This short tutorial will give you an easy way to kick those AFK members from your game. (Assuming they’ve been gone for a long time, or for whatever reason) anyways lets get to it.

All Server Sided:

Go to modConstants and add:

Public Const INACTIVE_DURATION As Long = 10000 ' This is 10 seconds. (This is how long before kicked for being inactive)

Now go to modTypes and at TempPlayerRec add at the bottom:

LastActive As Long

Next look for the sub “HandleData(ByVal index as Long, ByRef Data() As Byte)

Before CallWindowProc HandleDataSub(MsgType), index, Buffer.ReadBytes(Buffer.Length), 0, 0 put there:

TempPlayer(Index).LastActive = GetTickCount

Finally head over to gameloop and look for ' Check for disconnections every half second

right after

If Tick > tmr500 Then
            For i = 1 To MAX_PLAYERS


 If IsPlaying(i) Then
                    ' Check to see if they've been inactive for too long.
                    If Tick - TempPlayer(i).LastActive >INACTIVE_DURATION And TempPlayer(i).LastActive <> 0 Then Call CloseSocket(i)
                End If

That should be it make sure to test this one is working properly (I may have forgotten something but i think i got everything) let me know if any questions.