Eclipse Origins 3.0 [Doolly]

This post is deleted!

HI, xSonart

Looks like you’ve done a beautiful job customizing the engine. The reason that the Eo 2.3 engine isn’t talked about much is because it is outdated and not being worked on anymore. The engines you see talked about on here a lot right now are the only ones left in development or are still being supported. While Eo 2.3 still remains an eclipse engine and yes you can still get help on here with that engine, it is just not a popular choice anymore at this point in time. If you have any further questions do ask

~Officer Johnson

This post is deleted!

To clear a few things up… Sonart didn’t make this engine, the credits go to
Robin Perris
Rory Soh

Sonart is just posting the link to en engine he found. It’s a pretty nice looking engine.


Hello, I have no involvement in the engine I am just reporting the credits are from their proper developers and I will be posting all the updates of the same here, I hope you enjoy it is a great engine.

Aren’t you that user that stolen other people’s work? Thought you were banned.

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