I’m using for the first time VB6 to add some script that i have found in this website but, at the end, when i’m going to convert my project to a server vb6 says to me something about “fmrserver.log” : how can i resolve this problem ? vb6 dont find it in the server src folder

Eclipse Renewal and Andur Engine don’t have scripting, take a look at this tutorial:

Sorry, i wasnt meaning script, i was meaning add features to my project( something like this😞 i have istalled vb6, msdn libraries and all works but when i open the server using vb6 i have this problems
: how can i do ??

Make sure you have the runtime (can be downloaded from my signature) and service pack 6 installed.

I’ve istalled both runtime and service pack 6 but i have ever the same problem: frmserver… i dont know how to resolve it… thanks for the help

the first error happens to me too on load and it really doesn’t matter. The other errors also don’t matter but if it keeps saying failed to load the project, then that’s an issue…

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