How can I report a bug?t

Hello Eclipse, welcome to “how to make a bug report” Now you may have found a bug and you are thinking of posting it to the forums, Fun Fact: you aren’t actually reporting anything?That’s right. just saying you got a bug won’t help and that is why you can follow these steps so I can fix the bug for you with information about the bug 🙂

Step 1

First of all you have to make sure you can reproduce the bug. If you randomly crashed/got a bug and you cannot make it crash again then we can’t really help since we don’t know how the bug occurs.

Step 2

Now once you can reproduce the bug you may post a thread on the forum (Make sure you post it on the right place.) Once you start working on the thread you have to include these details:

    • Repeatable?
    • What error occurred
    • Description of the bug
    • What were you doing before the bug occurred? Be specific.
    • How can we reproduce the bug/crash?
  • Screenshot
    Additional info:

    • Required
  • Optional

Once you include these details we will be able to reproduce it and hopefully find a solution!

And that’s how you report a bug! Please use this thread as a reference to make your bug report!

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