Auction exploit?

Hello lovely community, sorry for post again here, but i have new question, i found a bug on Resbak engine (maybe on AE too) the auction system have a big exploit in it, if you put the item for sell for -999999 and another player buy it, you receive the money ,anyway to block the (-) negative?

Thanks in advance!

when the player buys it, does he get 999999 gold? or with a negative?

The seller stay “negative” and the buyer get the gold.

I will test it out right now, thank’s for reporting 🙂

You will want to add a check to the server (the server because if a player has a client without a fix, then you can have a bit of trouble). Just check if the value is negative, if it is, then multiple it by -1.


Private Sub HandleAddAuction


Call AddAuction(Index, InvItem, 1, Price)


If Price < 0 Then Price = Price * -1

(Made a quick change, I used > by mistake, it should be < )

Daro, you are faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August

alt text

After I test Ill try the fix and see if it works

Fixed Daro, thank you so much guys! always fast ❤

Glad that’s confirmed 😄

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