Using more than 255 maps


so I’ve been trying to raise the amount of maps in both server and client. If I stay below 256 maps, it will work nicely.
Anything above that value throws an out-of-memory error. Tried reducing map-npcs, map-items, even the usual database
stuff (npc, items, shops etc).

Player count doesn’t seem to change this much either.

The IDE runs on Win7 with plenty memory to go, version 1.8.2 of Renewal.

My game actually needs more than 255 maps too, so this poses a real problem.

This is just a problem with ER 1.8.2 and prior. ER 1.9 (which I’m currently working on) should fix this as it only loads what the server needs. (So you can have 30,000 maps and the server might only have 10 loaded).

Alright 🙂 Thanks then!

And good luck with ER 1.9!

This post is deleted!
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