How To PortForward and set up a static Ip

Ok first of all you have to set up a static IP before you even look at the rest of this tutorial. Sence this explains it beter then me i’ll give you this link.
Ok once you have set up the static Ip go to your start in run just type cmd. Then once you open cmd you need to look for something like this.

Ok see where it says Default Gateway
Type the numbers it shows in your browser

Ok now it should pop up this thing asking for your user and pass try all of these passwords and users
USER                  Pass
admin                  admin
admin                  password
admin                pass
admin                  N/A
N/A                      admin
N/A                      password
Ok if non of these work look on your Router to see if it shows your pass and user. If not on google just search for the default User&Pass of your router.
Ok now just go into the section that says Portforwarding & Port Trigering , Gaming something like that. You should get something Like this.

Just click save you should get a list of all the things you portforwarded. Now just change your server and client settings. Just to make sure try to use Eclipse’s StatusChecker which is located in the extras.
I hope you liked my tutorial if you have questions please post in the thread. 😃

Looks like i could steal your soul.

I dont think its very wise to post your ip and such.

Thank You for telling me its removed already. 🙂

I tried this but it failed. I have a dynamic IP and used the link to set it as a static. But it never makes it a static instead it just changes your external IP I believe the one that is used within a network.

Can someone tell me:

How would i host my game by Hamachi?

It never works for me, I thinl< i am quiting :ragequit: stoopid home hosting

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