ER quests: problem solved on ER quest editor, now you can add more than 1 quest

Just use Visual Basic 6 and find this piece of code inside “frmDev” “IstQuest”: Private Sub lstQuest_Click()

delete that sub and paste this code:

Private Sub lstQuest_Click()
    ' If debug mode, handle error then exit out
    If Options.Debug = 1 Then On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    ' Error handler
    Exit Sub
    HandleError "lstQuest_Click", "frmEditor_Quest", Err.Number, Err.Description, Err.Source, Err.HelpContext
    Exit Sub
End Sub

That’s it 😉

Moved the thread to the correct forum, and I changed the format of the post to use the code block (This is the code block’s symbol ``` )

Thanks 🙂

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