Old member, seeking old friends

Hey everyone! I’ve long since forgotten my login details and was forced to make a new account( I dont remember my email details neither lmao )

Just wanted to drop by. I’m searching for Kreator and / or Japez from the old days. You guys may remember me as DezireSoft, lmao… that name makes me cringe.

Been a while though, I’ll be posting my project sometime soon! 🙂

Welcome back 🙂 sadly, I don’t recognize either of those name. Someone on AGD (ascension game dev) might know more than I do.

So, here to stay or just passing through? And more projects are always nice.

https://www.eclipseorigins.com/user/demon-xxx-x Yeah I joined Eclipse some time ago, this is my old profile (RIP 1.4K posts)

I recognize your name from me passing through. Kreator and Japez were the two working on World of Hyrule in it’s time. I believe Spainion made their engine? Been so long I can’t remember. Seems like I logged on 7 months ago (but I do believe this is inaccurate…? Seems like both of the two I’m looking for also logged on 7 months ago, so it seems odd to me unless we just all revisited at the same time.

But yes! My project is an Isometric ORPG Engine in java using LibGDX. I’ve restarted the project a handful of times now using different libraries, when I post it I’ll share the screenshots from all the attempts as they will soon reflect the current state of the project.

EDIT: Hard to believe I joined this community when I was 12. I was so childish and such a loser back then. Surprised I never got myself banned, haha!

Can’t wait to see more 🙂 And I think that was when the forum software was changed, so that might be the reason why it says you last logged in then.

I can see your old email on that account, if you’d like me to PM it to you, let me know (I can only tell you the email, I can’t help more if you forgot the password for it) (I’m a mod for clarity lol, non-mods can’t see the email)

I recall the email as well, I just can’t remember my password for the email anymore. 11 year old email I haven’t used in probably 2 years. I don’t mind being without it anymore.

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